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Recording Studio

As an award-winning voice-over artist and voice actor, anchorperson of state Radio and Television of Pakistan, with more than 19 years experience and a BROADCAST QUALITY at-home studio, ready to make all of your voice-overs dreams a reality! Tahir loves voice acting and having perfection in English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, and Punjabi languages. 

We can provide voiceovers for a variety of purposes such as TV/Social media advertisements, radio advertisements, YouTube Ads, Audiobooks, IVR, video game characters, Storybooks, Documentaries, Narrations, Animation videos, Business presentations, and Corporate advertisements.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the world, from all industries, enterprises, and walks of life, including Canon, Roads and Transport Authority Dubai UAE, Al Khazna Tannery Abu Dhabi UAE, Awaz Group of Radios, Sunrise FM Yorkshire UK, Hum TV, BBC Urdu, IKEA, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (ruling party), Haier, PEL, Khaadi, Bahria Town, Pakistan Housing Authority, Pak Fans, Atlas Honda, PMLN, Pakistan Postal Services, Punjab Group of Colleges, Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan.

Dozens of rapidly growing YouTube client channels including Tareekh, Elhaan, YT Urdu, Mehfill (Tahir Ubaid Chaudhry), Roxen, Urdu Discovery Channel, and WOW Urdu Facts.

Dozens of international and national advertising agencies including Digital Web Shark, Trio Marketing, Midas, T Media, Prestige Communications (Pvt) Limited, Oktopus 360 Media, Message Communications, Manhattan International (Pvt) Limited, Interflow Communications, Creative Junction Private Limited, and Adgroup (Pvt) Limited.

Our recording studio is professional so your audio is clear, natural, and clean with no interfering noise.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

Studio Gear

Gradually, businesses are understanding how these voice-over services can stir customers from all target regions.

Whether you’re recording voice-over for a TV show, film, commercial, podcast, or audiobook, great audio gear can make your voice shine.

The basic equipment we use for the voiceover is:



Rode NT1A


Sennheiser HD 300

Audio Interface

Apollo Twin Turbo

Studio Monitors

Yamaha HS8


A professional voice-over can give a powerful boost to your brand’s potential for being noticed. This is especially important for brands that are thinking of creating compelling explainer videos to enhance their marketing strategy.

You just need to let us know about following requirement:

Is your brand looking for voice talent for commercials, explainers, entertainment, or other videos?

Who is your brand’s target audience?

What sort of experienced voice artists is your brand looking for?

Are there definite voice patterns or accents your brand wants?

Here are some of the reasons why choosing a professional is an important strategy to help set you apart from the competition- WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ME?


Tone & Intonation

It’s All About the Tone and right intonation (stresses & pauses).


Voiceover Acting

You will want your narrated video to be influential in every way – and it will be – if you have the right voice-over actor.


Confident & Creadible

Your audience wants to be able to trust you and your brand. When you select a voice-over actor whose voice sounds confident and credible, it can help you on your path to achieving this trust.


Call To Action

A Professional Voice Over Can Help Call Your Audience to Take Action. The right voice-over will take your viewers by the hand and guide them in the right direction.


Character & Personality

When you decide to use a professional voice actor, you know that your video is in safe hands. This is because they have the ability to add character and personality in a way that will give your video an extra dimension.


Make It Feel

Your Video Will Sound as Great as it Looks. One of the crucial factors of ‘video success’ is the way it makes your viewers feel. If the quality is great, then the audience will not only want to continue watching – they’ll also be interested to learn what your company is all about.