Breathing life into business and pouring soul into an enterprise is the passion that differentiates Tahir Ubaid Chaudhry–a professional with an insatiable love for excellence in whatever he does.

With over two decades of experience, a strong background in Media Management (Project, Event, Operations, Finance, HR, and Training), and a thorough grounding in Literature, Arts, Radio, and Television, Tahir Ubaid Chaudhary is a:

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When it comes to voice Tahir is among the best in business. Be it English, Urdu, Arabic, Persian or Punjabi, you get perfect pronunciation, accent, expression, semantics and delivery according to the needs of your following project.

We will give your projects the believable, professional, trustworthy, and authentic voiceover you need with authentic & proper pronunciation and perfect intonation. for Social Media Videos, Explainer videos, Commercials, E-Books, Documentaries, Social Media Ads, Video Games, and Animations, etc.

Video Production

To grow a business and to communicate with your client to attract them to your product, You need a business video ad.

Tahir is mainly a documentary filmmaker having vast experience in video production i.e TVCs, DVCs, documentary films & other corporate films

We offer you a lot of services like High-Quality Eye-Catching Ads, Different aspect ratios (for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), Soundfx and Visualfx, Royalty-free Music,  Character Animation ads, Motion Graphic Ads, Live Motion Graphic Banners, Documentaries, and Business videos, etc.

Bring your ideas to reality by creating videos by choosing the perfect service which fulfills your requirements.

Graphic Design​

Tahir Ubaid Chaudhry is a longtime famed graphic designer and founder of Digital Media Zone (DMZ). His iconic designs include  KamyabJawan campaign posters, MBIKH banners, and PTI’s campaign posters.

Calligraphy & Painting

Passion for calligraphy makes him a calligrapher like no other, having a traditional sense of calligraphy his oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings are truly remarkable. A humble and gentle person by nature. Tahir Ubaid Chaudhry describes his work with the words of Aristotle “A tragedy is an imitation of an action that is serious and also, as having magnitude, complete in itself . . . with incidents arousing pity and fear, wherewith to accomplish its catharsis of such emotions.”

Media Advisory​​ & Media Buying

Tahir Ubaid Chaudhry has been operating as a journalist, manager, and regulator in print as well as operating behind and in front of the microphone and camera since 2003. He now works as a media advisor for television, radio, and newspapers and as a commentator on media events and journalistic practices.

Event Management

Be it a large milestone event or a small launch, Tahir gives the same attention to detail to produce beautifully executed and memorable results.

Digital marketing and creative services arm is the keystone service in our holistic 360 degree approaches to creating original and cutting edge brand stories across all mediums. Whether transforming an existing digital strategy or developing a new plan for the future, we build brands for digital.

Designing layered brand stories is the key to any bespoke communication design. Tahir and his team work across all mediums to produce effective visuals according to our client needs to create an invaluable tailor-made language for each rollout.

Tahir's Clients

“Tahir is one of the best I have worked with. He is extremely talented voice-over artist in the business”
Sami Iqbal
Creative Director at Ibex Studio