Media Advisory & Media Buying

Tahir Ubaid Chaudhry has been operating as a journalist, manager, and regulator in print as well as operating behind and in front of the microphone since 2003. He now works as a media advisor for television, radio, and newspapers and as a commentator on media events and journalistic practices.

He works closely with the long-respected Media Objectives, advising media across the landscape, and with two of the most exciting young companies on the scene, Brand Conversation, and BigFings MEDIA.

Few can offer such a varied background of print work, radio and television broadcasting, regulatory matters, media law knowledge, journalistic practices, talent management, training experience, media buying, and media commentary work.

He is a fellow of the Pakistan Broadcasting Academy and is available for hire on a consultancy basis where particular expertise is needed to cut through the sort of media issues that could otherwise get out of control.

Tahir started his career in 2003 as a radio presenter. His background also includes compliance, having previously worked as Ofcom’s Chief Advisor (Radio), Director of Programming and Advertising at the Radio Authority, and was involved in the authorship of the current Broadcast Codes. In broadcasting, Tahir was Managing Editor of Radio Oslo, Station Manager of Awaz FM, Bol FM 88 Chakwal, Hamara Kharian FM 97, Rose FM 90 Mirpur AJK, and Group Programme Director for Sunrise FM Network.